The best way for you to get better at this game (if you are not good) is to watch and do what mr. WarOwl tells you in this video:

Deathmatch is the best way of maintaining and improving your AIM.

One of the best aiming tutorials out there is presented by THE STEEL. He shows you how to position yourself, how to push correctly while checking all angles, pre-aiming common map spots. He shows this on Dust 2, but it is useful for all maps.

Good way before every competitive match is to Warmup. This means refreshing your muscle memory and performing better. Once you are used to the sensitivity, you will have to keep practicing it, so you don’t lose the feeling.

If you’ll want to keep climbing the Competitive Ranks, you will have to practice more and more for each rank. At one time, you will reach a point where aim just doesn’t cut it anymore. You will need something more, you will need as many possible skills as possible, some of them are (click below):


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