Co-Op or Individual

The mode appears to be 3-on-3, similar to 2K’s PARK and you can team-up with friends or play solo with CPU teammates.

International Flavor

Courts and venues available in the mode are from all over the world. Brazil, the UK and a variety of notable locations in the United States are available.

Stylish Moves

This mode seems to be all about pulling off stylish moves. The blog specifically mentions the Shammgod dribble and features it on multiple occasions in the trailer. With 3-on-3 play, there should be a ton of room to pull off the types of moves that excite fans.

Player Rewards

Completing specific tasks in the game will generate rewards. According to Ryan Santos, NBA Live producer, “last year, we could just reward you player gear, cosmetics for your player. What we’re doing this year is really upping that rewards system to include other items that could be a player that you recruit if you play against them in this special challenge.”

NBA Live Events

There will be NBA Live Events that give players the opportunity to earn rewards specific to a timed event.

NBA LIVE 19 will be released on September 7th exclusively on PS4 and Xbox One. The demo will release on August 24, Xbox fans who subscribe to EA Access can play the full game on September 3.

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