Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus was revealed last year at E3 and will take the game out of the iconic metro tunnels and into a sandbox open-world above. In doing so. Remember, many of the 4A team worked on STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl at GSC Game World, which fell apart in 2011/2012 during development of STALKER 2 – in particular Andriy “Prof” Prokhorov, who was lead designer of STALKER and is now creative director of Metro Exodus. Hence the excitement.

It will contain:

  • Double the content and size of Metro: Last Light
  • More dialogue than the past two games combined
  • Set in the year 2036 – two years after Metro: Last Light
  • Artyom will be leaving Moscow for the first time in the series, and he will be traveling by train, the Aurora, and landing at the Volga River near the Ural Mountains
  • Every weapon has 5 modification slots
  • day/night cycle will affect how enemies engage and react to players.
  • Can be played on an Xbox One X running at native 4K resolution
  • “Every encounter has a new story to tell,” according to the developers.
  • Crafting, extensive day/night cycle, and dynamic weather are all possible thanks to 4A Games’ new engine.
  • All previous “Metro elements” are back in the sequel, but this time with an open world aspect. And it’s easy to get lost in the beauty and vastness of the open world.
  • Its open world is restrictive in nature due to the fact that players travel from one location to another via train.
  • There are remnants of past events and stories littered throughout the world. It helps bolster the game’s riveting story of searching for survivors outside of Moscow.
  • The AI is quite intelligent and reactive to external catalysts. For instance, two enemies reacted almost right away when they saw a green laser sight. Players will have to rely heavily on strategy when taking out (or sneaking by) enemies.
  • Players can carry up to three weapons at a time, with only one being the “primary” weapon. Players can craft ammunition for their primary weapon on the fly, but the other two weapons need to have ammo crafted at the crafting table.
  • Looting downed enemies’ backpacks and weapons are separate interactions. Players can deconstruct weapons into parts to use for crafting materials later on.
  • It seems ridiculous in this day and age to have to activate movements like climbing a ladder or squeezing through a small spot, especially since several other triple-A games have those movements naturally ingrained into the movement system.
  • Story content is locked for Metro: Exodus; it’s in beta now and 4A Games is simply optimizing it before release in February. They’ve also been working on the game since 2014.

The game will be released on February 22nd for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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