New Nuke is a remaster from an older version which was heavily CT sided.

The biggest change was adding Catwalk, which enables Terrorists to walk all the way to the Heaven – Making it harder for Counter Terrorists to hold.

It is now much harder to control outside because there are so many angles you have to be aware of.

Normally, this is how it is defended:

  1. Outside – watches Yard and Catwalk push ( preferably AWP )
  2. Main – helps Outside CT and A defence, ready to rotate to Tunnels if Terrorists go down Secret
  3. Doors – watches doors, preferably uses molotov early into the round, to stop Terrorists rushing into Vents to get a fast plant on B
  4. Blue – plays somewhere on rafters – Terrorists can’t predict where exactly you’re playing from ( playing at Mustang is risky for your teammates since they can walk to window in Blue and kill a guy in Main.
  5. Ramp – watch ramp (either AWP or rifler). If Terrorists start rushing you, retreat to a safer position at B and call for backup.

< Outside
< A bombsite
< Ramp


Since there is a catwalk outside to assist Terrorists in taking outside easier, the CTs have a tougher job holding that area. It is recommended that spot is played with an AWP since most duels you take, are at long range.

While Awper looks at outside yard, the Main player should listen for footsteps on silo and catwalk.

If Terrorists smoke the AWPer, the main guy should assist him outside to prevent them from crossing to Secret. Sometimes Terorrists execute wall of smokes so that you can’t see them pass to secret. In that case, have Main guy rotate down through vents to Tunnels area.

Bombsite A

First thing you have to worry about on A, is Terrorists rushing from doors into vents to get bomb plant on B (specially on pistol rounds), so it is preferable that you throw molotov in front of the doors as soon as possible.

Since this bombsite can be hit with outside grenades through the ceiling windows, save some of your utility for later on in the round to weaken the terrorist pushing you.

A bombsite is relatively safe, since 2 guys are watching entrances and you have 1 guy in main, ready to assist you as well.


This area can be played with only one defender, since there is only one entrance to ramp area. If you see that Terrorists like to take this part of the map often, the A Main defender can come help you ( early smoke, molotov ). Good thing about holding this spot is, there are many places you can position yourself at. You can even get [boosted up by your teammate].

Some teams prefer having a second AWPer, you can position him at longer ranges:

  1. [back boxes (headshot)],
  2. [behind Ramp box]
  3. [Turn Pike].

If you are defending ramp alone, I don’t prefer being positioned at back boxes since there is no safe spot to fall back to after Terrorists start pushing.

Since ramp is an entrance to B site, you can transition to it fast and watch Vents and Window from lower Ramp.

Useful smokes:

  1. [One-way ramp]
  2. [Control room]
  3. [Blue]
  4. [Silo]
  5. [Outside]




Jump to Silo
Catwalk to Heaven

Winning on T side of Nuke was the hardest thing to do not so long ago. Since the renewal of the map came out, it is now much easier to win rounds than ever before. Valve made 2 things much easier for Terrorist side. One of them is, it is now very easy to jump on the Silo – which makes holding outside much harder for Counter Terrorists. The second change is an added catwalk that now allows Terrorists to walk all the way from Silo to Ct Heaven.

Good tactic for pistol round is to smoke off area in front of doors, allowing you to drop down through vents fast and plant the bomb on B bombiste.

You should wait for few seconds from when the smoke lands, because CTs will almost surely spam the smoke to get a kill through it.


Many teams make a wall of smokes outside to allow them passage to the Secret area without being seen from Heaven and Garage.

They do this with 3 smokes:

  1. [Close Red]
  2. [Close Secret]
  3. [Garage]


Smokes for outside:

  1. [Outside Heaven]
  2. [AC Unit]
  3. [Catwalk]
  4. [Main]
  5. [Garage]
  6. [Secret]


 and molotovs for inside:

  1. [Heaven]
  2. [A bombsite Silo]
  3. [Top of Blue]
  4. [A main]



  1. [Ramp]
  2. [Mid Ramp]
  3. [A site]
  4. [In front of doors]
  5. [Main]
  6. [Right wall of smokes B]
  7. [Mid Ramp deep]
  8. [Left wall of smokes B]


  1. [Heaven]
  2. [Mustang]
  3. [Bridge]
  4. [Hut]







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