Mirage is a CT favored map. It is easier to defend the bombsite compared to playing offensive on the map. Proper team coordination is also a must on this map. This is another map that revolves around mid control. There are numerous ways to achieve this, but it’s not as straightforward as you think.

If you manage to maintain control over mid, the terrorists are a lot more limited in what they can do to get the bomb to either of the bomb sites.

Mid is a key area on Mirage whether you’re defending or attacking.

Usually, the preferred setup is to have:

  • 1 defender at B that is watching the Apartments
  • 1 player on Short B/Catwalk/Ladder room (ready to assist defender on B if he is getting pushed)
  • 1 watching mid directly, either from Window or connector (if you get smoked out at any of these places, reposition)
  • 2 guys on Bombsite A, one of them watching Palace and the other spots T ramp push.

Boost and self-boost spots:
  1. [B window]
  2. [Bench]
  3. [Bench]
  4. [Short B]
  5. [Window to Ladder room]
  6. [Window to Catwalk]
  7. [Kitchen]
  8. [A box]
  9. [Behind A box]
  10. [CT]

Bombsite A

Positioning on A

This bombsite is very prone to executes from far away, which will sometimes end up with a wall of smokes, blocking you from any vision if you are watching from somewhere far. If you do see smokes flying in – call for backup.

It’s not a bad idea that you sometimes give Terrorists the plant, and you play a retake with the whole team with utility you have left.

In case you decide to have an Eco round with your team, play positions that are closer to incoming terrorists, such as Close ramp, or on/under the wood by Palace, since pistols are much better at close range.

A player that is close to connector, usually switches between these two positions to help defenders at A and Mid:

  • Stairs to watch Palace
  • Connector to watch upper Mid or Underpass.

[Ramp smoke from TicketBox]

[Palace smoke from CT]



Mid area is usually guarded with an AWP since the fights take place at a longer range. Getting control of the Middle area is very much advisable on Mirage, for both teams.

Terrorists will try to claim Mid fast in the round, since it will give them multiple approaches to either of the bombsites.

Early on in the round you will usually get smoked out of Window area since the Terrorists can throw that smoke from their spawn, so re-position to either CT to watch Ramp or to Connector to watch Mid.

[Useful fast smoke for top Mid from CT]

[A bonus molotov trick to make their smoke fail]

Positioning on B

Bombsite B

Because you usually only play with one player on this site, his role is to mainly scout out if anyone is approaching the apartments. If he spots anyone, then calls his teammate on Short B to help him hold.

There is ofcourse nothing wrong with occasional push closer in Apartments, so that they have to be aware of that in following rounds.

Great thing to do is to jumpspot. Doing this will yield in a lot of information, and with little risk, just don’t jump too high!

If you suspect the enemy team is on Eco round, you can throw a molotov to Apartments to prevent an early rush. Since one of your teammates is playing Short B, he should hear the steps of Terrorists as he gets into position. After molotov depletes, smoke deep apartments and hold from distance.

In some rounds, go deeper to surprise the attackers.

Quick smokes to smoke B Apartments, some from far away too:

[Deep B Apartments from CT]
[Deep B Apartments from B site]
[Deep B Apartments from B Arch]
[B Apartments from back B site]


Knowing smokes for executes is a very important thing to know if you want to win rounds on this map. It is worth it to put in few extra hours learning those because you will benefit from them in a long run.

Taking A

Setup for taking A is usually one guy in Palace and other 4 on Ramp. The Palace attacker is a very important piece of an attack and should stay alive for as long as possible. If CTs kill him, you have much more to worry about than just defenders on site and other positions. His role is to molotov under the Balcony [1][2] and flush out the defenders.

On the Ramp itself, three Terrorists communicate who is going to smoke what position. The person who will smoke Jungle, can molotov the Sandwich aswell, since it isn’t that far away from his throwing position. Other two each smoke CT and Stairs.

Last guy will just watch Ramp and kill any CTs that are being aggressive. He will also save his utility for after plant.

Combine all of those with few flashes and your entrance to the site will be much easier. People underrate the Sandwich molotov and under Balcony molotov. Since they are a common spot for defenders, try to put them to good use here.

Smokes and molotovs:
  1. [CT smoke]
  2. [Stairs smoke]
  3. [Sandwich molotov]
  4. [Jungle/Connector smoke]
  5. [Under Balcony molotov]
  6. [Under Balcony molotov] (if smoked out)


Taking Mid

Mid control is very important on this map. If you own it, you can make quick transitions to either of the sites, so its taking should be priority in most rounds.

Lets say you want to take the B site. It will be pretty hard if you don’t have control of Mid/Short B, as you will come out from only one direction (Apartments), which will make defending for CTs much easier.

Since Cts reach window area faster than you reach top Mid, they will probably be scoped in on you already. Either smoke him, or try to prefire. It is possible that with a good spawn, he can jump down to Mid from window and can be pushing you already, so keep that in mind.

Practice smokes for Window and gain control of Mid. A simple thing to do is to smoke Top Mid, run behind the boxes on Middle and smoke Window from there. Both of these smokes are easy to throw.

Smokes, molotov and a pop-flash:
  1. [Window from Spawn]
  2. [Top Mid]
  3. [Catwalk]
  4. [Connector molotov]
  5. [Window from Mid] [2]
  6. [Connector pop-flash]

[Bonus smoke from B Apartments to Connector]

Taking B

This site is not as popular with executes as A site, because smokes for the execute are not as easy. But if you do dedicate time and learn them you will have an edge over your enemies.

Trying to take the site without Middle/Catwalk control is hard by itself since your enemies will have to focus only on Apartments, so it is very advisable you try to take that first. (Check out Taking Mid part)

In case of a good spawn you can try to go challenge a CT player in Apartments. Many players jump at Van to get information in Apartments.

You can try to surprise defenders with a quick rush and flashes over the Apartments. Have a guy ready to put that molotov out with the Smoke.

Smokes, molotov and a pop-flash:
  1. [B window]
  2. [Connector]
  3. [Mid window]
  4. [Left arch]
  5. [Right arch]
  6. [Balcony]
  7. [B site pop-flash]
  8. [Bench molotov]


Fake Smokes

Mostly used in a 1v1 situation, these come very handy as it will throw the enemy team off:

[Ticket Box from B Apartments]
[Stairs from B Apartments]
[Connector from B Apartments]
[B Site from T spawn]

Remember, it’s just a game, have fun, and keep wallbangin’ 

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