On Inferno, there are two major choke-points that you want to control: Middle and top of banana. If you manage to keep the terrorists from pushing past these points until the end of the round you are likely to have gathered enough information to be ready for the final aggression.

At first glance this may seem simple, but if you have played a couple of games on Inferno you know that this isn’t the case. One reason for this is the long rotations between the two bomb sites. As a consequence, you will have to slow down the terrorists.

Bombsite A

Positioning on A

You want two guys to cover mid, one on Arch (Long) and one on Truck (Short) side. These guys will use their smokes and molotovs to delay Terrorists from getting early control of upper Middle. You can flash for eachother – this is useful for peeking and possibly getting some kills.

Generally, player on Arch side smokes first. That way you still have smokes left on A if the Arch player has to rotate to B.

You can sometimes even [Boost on the roof], to surprise Terrorists with an off angle. Very useful thing with this is, that you can see over the smokes that Terrorists decide to use on mid.

Role of a third player on A is to hold Appartments. His goal is to sometimes go for sneaky plays and catch the Terrorists off-guard. After he has lost control of Appartments, he can retreat either to Pit or to Graveyard and watch Balcony doors.

Bombsite B

Some teams prefer to take full control of banana, and they double molotov it, one just behind the wall (1), and one behind the logs (2).

Combine that with a deep smoke at T entrance to banana and you only have to be careful about a terrorist hiding at deep left. Once you clear that, you have a full control of it.


Positioning on B

Terrorists tend to throw a lot of grenades down middle, it is better to not peek down banana many rounds, since you’ll probably take a lot of damage. But if you see that they don’t use much of their utility at start, go for it.

When the terrorists decide to commit to B they will almost always smoke off CT spawn. By this time it’s likely that one of you will find yourself behind the smoke. Now that player has two options. Either that player rotates around the construction site to coffins or you can go for the risky play and flash pool so that the player from CT side can push the smoke and catch the enemies with their pants down.

You can do a useful [boost on CT] to see over the smoke and surprise incoming terrorists.

Useful smokes and pop-flashes:

Defending inferno with utility is pretty straightforward, so there isnt much of utility you can throw from really far away as CT. Still, there are some useful popflashes and an early smoke to stop the initial rush.

  1. [Coffins]
  2. [First oranges]
  3. [Fast banana smoke]
  4. [short A]

Boost spots:
  1. [New-box]
  2. [Ct]
  3. [CT well]
  4. [Banana wall]
  5. [Roof]
  6. [Pit bike]


Inferno is a map that’s all about time management. The counter-terrorists will use their smokes, flashes and incendiaries in an attempt to delay your attack.

You should generally split up in the beginning of the round and show some aggression towards both middle and banana. This way you will force your opponents to use their precious smoke grenades and incendiaries early on – making it easier to attack either of the sites later on.

There are several areas of Inferno that are beneficial for the Terrorist team to control before attacking a bombsite. They are Banana, Middle and 2nd middle, T apartments and the entirety of apartments (window, dark, boiler, halls). If you can control all of these areas as a Terrorist team, you force the CT’s to fall into a passive default setup (2B 3A). It is also a great foundation for executing strategies and winning rounds.

Ideally, you would have all the areas above under your control, but there are some that are far more important than others that you could commit more of your resources (grenades, manpower) to take with. Banana and Mid are crucial. The least important area is apartments, but it is still useful to have control of.

Smokes for B:
  1. [Ruins] [Bonus One-way coffins]
  2. [2nd Wallsmoke]
  3. [1st Wallsmoke]
  4. [Ct]
Molotovs for B:
  1. [New Boxes]
  2. [Dark]
  3. [2nd Oranges]
  4. [1st Oranges]
  5. [Flower Boost]


Smokes for A:
  1. [Library]
  2. [Back Arch]
  3. [Ct Arch]
  4. [Close Arch]
  5. [Close Short]
  6. [Back Short]
  7. [Balcony]
Molotovs and Popflashes for A:
  1. [Ninja]
  2. [Mid]
  3. [Short]
  4. [Under roof]
  5. [Above roof]
  6. [Pit and A site]






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