Cobblestone has changed a lot over the years. It can be a very hard map to defend as a CT if you are not setup properly to handle the executions the map has to offer. It doesn’t have sky-boxes, which means you can smoke something from very far away, so be sure to make use of that.

Bombsite A

Positioning on A

Unless you notice that the terrorists have a tendency to attack A, I recommend playing with only one defender on A.

A lot of the time he won’t need his smoke, so he can [throw it over to B and smoke off long]. That way you will still have four smokes ready on B.

His job will be to push for info, listen for footsteps/utility being thrown and call for backup if needed. If he thinks that they’re coming to A, he should try to survive for as long as possible while retreating to the bombsite. If the B-players manage to take control over long B or other key areas around B, the A-guy can fall back to the bombsite and one of the players from B can rotate and support him.

If he can’t see or hear anyone he can try to move in for the back-stab through Mid Water. Timing here is the key to success. Wait for the terrorists to initiate their attack or else there’s a good chance they will have at least one player waiting for the lurker coming in from behind.

Bombsite B

Positioning on B

If you do decide to play with only one player at A, it means you will have 4 players defending B. For starters, you should go for less obvious angles (Tree Boost etc. ), making terrorists check more angles next time they enter. Player boosted at the Tree will also see over most of the smokes terrorists might throw to get control of long B, giving him an advantage over them.

If your opponents have a tendency to rush long B, you can slow them down using  [smoke]+[popflash] or [molotov]+[popflash].

Just keep in mind if you do decide to cover B long from Chicken fckin’ Coupe, you can be flushed out with a single molotov, making you very vulnerable and forcing you out on the open.

Defending drop

You can also get creative in Drop room, [boosting one of the players up] or just let him peek an angle or if you see Terrorists pushing long B fast, go for a backstab, but beware, there could be a terrorist waiting for you to do just that!

Defending the Drop room can be tricky. You can defend it close quarters, but if the terrorists flush you out with molotovs, both players can move outside. One watches the door, while the other player watches window from connector area. This way you will still have control of terrorist movements + they had to use their utility to flush you outside.

You have to be careful when lurking around the map. If the A-player gets killed, you might not have enough time to rotate over to A. And even if you do, they can still rotate and attack B instead.

Boost spots:
  1. [Long A]
  2. [A mid]
  3. [Drop]
  4. [Tree]



Useful smokes, molotovs and pop-flashes:
  1. [A long]
  2. [Deep B long]
  3. [B long]
  4. [B long]
  5. [Barrels]
  6. [A doors]





Most of the time it’s best to attack the B-site, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep the defenders guessing. Go for the occasional A-round and use fakes every now and then.

There are many reasons why you should attack B most of the time: It is fairly easy to prefire all the common spots with an ak + you can rotate to A pretty fast if you have to. B-site is one of the most difficult sites to retake once the terrorists have taken control of it.

Taking Drop control means a lot since defenders on site now have to be careful of 2 places you can walk out of. You can take it pretty easily with these 2 molotovs: [Drop window][Drop doors]Only thing you have to worry about is someone standing just under the drop spot. A simple [pop-flash] does the trick while you rush them down.

Useful smokes:
  1. [Connector]
  2. [Storage]
  3. [Right side truck]
  4. [Balcony]
  5. [Drop window]
  6. [Long B stairs]
  7. [Chicken]
  8. [Short]



Molotovs and pop-flashes:

  1. [A long Boost]
  2. [A long corner]
  3. [Balcony]
  4. [A ninja]
  5. [Drop window]
  6. [Drop doors]
  7. [Tree]
  8. [Chicken Coop (if smoked)]
  9. [A long]
  10. [Mid]
  11. [Drop]








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