Cache is a map that has rectangular shape with two distinct sites separated by the yard in the middle. If you manage to maintain control over mid, the terrorists are a lot more limited in what they can do to get the bomb to one of the bomb sites. If the terrorists manage to kill the defenders in mid, the counter-terrorists will have to move across the entire map to reach the other site. Mid is a key area on Cache whether you’re defending or attacking.

There is a number of different ways to set up on Cache. There’s no “correct” way. One method is to have one defender on B, whose job it is to survive long enough to either get help from the rotation from mid or be able to call out the terrorists positions for when the rest of their team attempts to retake. Two defenders on A, because that site allows for a number of useful strategies that two players can use if they work together. Finally, two players in mid. You can either rotate both mid players to one site if your enemies are rushing, or you can rotate one without giving up control over mid completely.

Boost spots:
  1. [A boxes]
  2. [A Default]
  3. [Mid]
  4. [Vent]
  5. [Checkers]
  6. [B Bombsite]



Useful smokes, molotovs and pop-flashes:
  1. [Quad to A main]
  2. [Truck to A main]
  3. [Whitebox to T mid]
  4. [Z to T mid]
  5. [B Heaven to Deep B Main]
  6. [Z to Boost]
  7. [NBK]
  8. [Main]
  9. [Whitebox]
  10. [Z]
  11. [Checkers]
  12. [B Main]
  13. [Headshot]

Bombsite A

A positions

The most important thing to do when you defend A with someone is to communicate. Talk to each other and say what each of you is holding. Always position yourself so you are checking either Terrorists coming out of A Main or Squeaky Doors. Default positions and Under Heaven. [Popflashing Main] is always a good idea, since it can yield in you with getting multiple enemy kills, giving you advantage over terrorists. After getting that pick, reposition to a safer position.


[Good smoke for A main] at the start of the round, so if the Terrorists decide to rush, you have an advantage.

[Boosting on A boxes] is very beneficial if not used often. You can catch and kill multiple enemies if you don’t give them your position. If you have this boost in place, you can use 2nd A player to help holding mid.

Look up boost spots, popflashes and smoke guides at start of the page.


Mid positions

Usually when covering mid, [one guy smokes mid], [second guy molotovs the Boost], then you have multiple choices:

  1. One guy watching Boost area, and one watching Mid Garage.
  2. Perform Boost over Mid.
  3. One guy plays close, other assists him with pop-flashes while watching Boost or Mid.
  4. Go in vents, you can help B player from there, as well as cover Mid.

If you notice that you continuously fail to hold mid, don’t contest it and instead re-position to a different location. One guy can watch Highway from Quad (optimally AWPer) and one guy can be positioned in Z.

Bombsite B

If you have only one guy playing B, he has to be smart. He has to spot the attack coming in and survive long enough for the rotation to move in. It is wise to keep some of the utility till he hears terrorists moving in, so he can delay their push. Using B pop-flashes are really useful to know, so practice them.

If you see Terrorists targeting B site most of the time, have 2 players on B, 1 on A, and 2 on Mid – one of them is a fast rotator at Whitebox that can help out A player.

Two players can [boost to Vents], this way the boosted player can help either B, or Mid.

It’s true that it’s much easier to hold B with two players, but as long as you have a rotation ready you can enjoy the benefits of having two players in both mid and on A without paying too high of a price.


When you play Cache it’s very important to understand that the map consists of three major choke points where you will battle it out with the defenders: A-main, mid and B-halls. Even if the occasional rush could work, its preferable to have presence at all of these choke-points during the early stages of the round. The reason for this is:

  1. Opponents can shut your rush down quite easily with smokes, flashes and molotovs.
  2. Enemy CTs tend to go for a pick at atleast one of these spots, trying to figure out what your tactic for the round is.

Mid control is the most important and should be your priority for taking. Getting a kill here and controling it slows counter-terrorists rotation to either of the sites. At this point, a kill on either B or A is huge. If your B-guy wins his duel, you can support him through vent and take over the site before the counter-terrorists get a chance to rotate. If the A-guy gets a kill on A, you can support him from highway.

It is a good idea to boost a player over mid, as long as you don’t do it every round and make it predictable.

Even though mid control is a huge advantage, you don’t want to go for that every round. If you notice that your enemies start to put up a greater defense in mid, you want to put more pressure on one of the sites instead.

  1. [A site]
  2. [A cross]
  3. [A cross]
  4. [A Heaven]
  5. [Catwalk]
  6. [Whitebox]
  7. [Right Mid]
  8. [Left Mid]
  9. [Z]
  10. [B Main]
  11. [B Heaven]
  12. [CT Hell]
  13. [CT Hell]
Molotovs and pop-flashes:
  1. [NBK]
  2. [Quad]
  3. [Under Boost]
  4. [Sandbags]
  5. [Vents]
  6. [Checkers]
  7. [B Default and Headshot]
  8. [B backsite]
  9. [Squeaky]
  10. [Mid]
  11. [B main]





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