Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 has finally been revealed. It’s heading back to World War 2, and while DICE didn’t pull any sort of big pivot—except announcing a battle royale mode to be added post-launch—some of the series’ core systems are being redesigned dramatically. If you don’t already play Battlefield, these adjustments may not seem like big deals, but they are. Squad play is much more emphasized, reviving has been overhauled, the animation system has had a ton of work, co-op is returning, and that’s not the half of it.

Battlefield 5 takes place during World War 2, a homecoming for the series since departing its original setting nearly 14 years ago.

Early Access players will get access on October 11, those who pre-order the Deluxe edition will get access from October 16, and the standard version launches October 19. It will most likely be availiable on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

5 minutes of gameplay, so you can see how the game will look!

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