About CS:GO


CS:GO is a very team oriented video game.C4

The goal of the game is to win 16 rounds before your opponents. Official matchmaking games consist of 5 players per team. Teams are called Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists.

Objective for Terrorists is to either plant the bomb (C4) at the bombsite and protect it until the bomb explodes or to win a round with eliminating every Counter-Terrorist.

Objective for Counter-Terrorists is to:

  1. Stop the Terrorists from planting the bomb at one of the bombsites (A,B).
  2. To eliminate all 5 opponents.
  3. Let the time run out.
CS:GO Matchmaking Ranks

After you have played your 10 placement matches, you will receive your Matchmaking Rank.

If you have just started playing the game and have no experience with FPS (First person shooter) games, you will probably be placed amongst the SILVER ranks. Don’t get discouraged if you do though, you have time to build up your skill and teamwork to prove your friends you’re not a “newbie”.

What matters the most is teamplay, communication with your teammates and practice! With practice comes aim, something you need very badly if you wan’t to climb the Ranks.

If you’re just a casual player, you won’t care about your rank, but if you want to progress and get better, you will have to practice your aim, teamwork, communication, utilities, maps and mentality.

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